Can I start a Shopify store without hiring any shopify experts? If yes then how?


Want to start your own Shopify store but are afraid to hire Shopify experts due to low budget? Then this is for you. We know many of us are in the race of opening an online store. Some have money, some don’t have. Don’t worry! Without hiring experts you can open your store. Yes it’s true. Let’s find out how.


  1. Sign up with Shopify

Go to Sign up to create your own account.Now just fill the important details and click on the “Start free trial”. 


  1. Set up your Online store

After signing up you will be taken directly to the Shopify admin. Now just start uploading your products, customizing your store, setting up shipping and payments.


  1. Select a Theme 

For every online store, it is compulsory to add a theme for your shop to make it look more beautiful. So follow these steps:

° Just browse through the theme option.

° Go through all the reviews and functionalities.

° Take a look on the theme by clicking on View Demo. 

° Now select the theme you like and get it.


  1. Edit your settings

There are themes which can immensely change the look of your store. On the Themes page if you click on the “Customize Theme” button you will be taken to that page which controls all the functionalities of your store.

  1. Add your products

Go to the “products” -> “Add a Product”. You can add the products as per your wish. After adding click on the “Save product”


You can add or remove the products through manual or automatic basis. Now, obviously we need the money for selling our products. So for that add:

Payment Gateways – which is needed to take payment from your customers through your website.

°  Fees – Some gateways can keep a small percentage of amount.  So take a look deeply.

° Types of card – Know the type of card for payment gateway like VISA and Mastercard.


  1. Make it “LIVE”

Before making it LIVE, you need to add some details of your company and the taxes.

° General: Make sure to use the Google Analytics feature and to fill all the botton left settings area. 

° Taxes – Go to the “products” page -> click on the products name -> Scroll towards “Variants” -> check the boxes carefully of “Charge Taxes” and “Requires Shipping”.

° Shipping – Go to the “Settings” -> “Shipping page”. Check the weight based shipping rate and adjust it under the “Shipping rates”.

° Order system testing –  Test your order transaction through Shopify’s Bogus Gateway.


  1. Adding the Domain Name

° Go to Settings -> Domains -> Add an existing Domain. 

° Update the DNS records.

° If you have any storefront passwords, then remove it.

° If relevant, set as primary.


Congratulations for your New Shopify Store

If you have managed and got a new Shopify store without any help of any Shopify expert then applause for you guys. Now you can work online. 

Final Words: 

If you want to run a business on your own then why not? Who can stop you. If someone says hiring a Shopify expert is a must then I would recommend to not listen to them. Yes, you can hire an expert if you don’t have time to manage your store or if you face any problems. But otherwise it is not necessarily needed and you can be the boss of your store.

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