How to add blogs in Shopify?

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We have heard many features of Shopify. But do you know you can insert blogs to your online shop. Now you wonder what is the need of blogs in Shopify? 

It can help you to attract traffic for your store. This can support increasing your store SEO. You can add or delete the blogs as according to your wish. 

Steps to add a blog on Shopify: 

Step 1. Choose your Blog:

° Log in to your Shopify admin. Click on Online Store -> Blog Posts.

Step 2. Manage Blogs:

° From there click to Manage Blogs.

Step 3. Add your Blog:

° To continue, click on Add Blog.

Step 4. Completing the process:

° Add your title and content to complete your blog. 

° Take a look at how to manage your blog’s comments.

Step. 5:

° After filling everything you need to save your blog. So, click on Save.

Other ways:

  1. Shopify default blog feature:

Here is a fact I am going to share with you. A default blog name -> News comes in the Shopify store.

It is the same as the steps which I have mentioned above. 


  1. External blog linking: 

If you want to run your blog on an external link by linking from your Shopify store, they you’re at the right place. 

First, you can run your blogs on Tumblr, and in Blogger. They are good but still have some issues. 

Second, you can run your blog on It could be considered as the best option. 

You can run a blog on third party platform by:

° In Shopify admin Go to -> Online Store -> Navigation. 

° Click -> Add Menu Item after selecting the menu where you want the blog link to move. 


The second option is also there instead of this above mentioned option. Click on the Edit, to edit an existing menu. 

° In the URL of the link, paste the name of the link – like for example; “Favorite Blog”.

° Click on Save.


  1. Using of Apps: 

To increase the functionality of the default blog you have to use the apps. You can install the apps for adding features in your blogs.

° Blog Linker 

° Related Blog Posts 

° Sitemapper 

° Bold Social Autopilot

° Plug In SEO


  1. Using of a Page Builder App

You can use page builder apps to add better blog formats, advanced style of blog pages. 

Here is the list:

° Shogun Page Builder 

° Blog Studio 

° Gem Pages Page Builder 

° Add Head Code


Final words:

You can add your blogs through the above mentioned steps. Shopify is not a difficult app to use. It just needs some tips and tricks to use it. Now happily Add or Edit your blog. 

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