How to add products with Shopify?


Shopify has proved to be the best way of doing online shopping. It has become a platform where thousands of people buy and sell their products.

So before selling the products, we should know how to add them. Shopify is an e-commerce store where you can showcase your best products. 

So where do you sell your products? It’s on the Product Page. So note down to showcase your products as much as u can. 

Let’s see how to add the products in Shopify.

  1. Log in:

This is the main thing before adding the products.  If you don’t have we recommend creating one. 

Log in to your Shopify account by adding your store address, email address, and password.

  1. Add Products: 

After signing in, on the left side you will find navigation. There you have to search for the Products options. 

Then, click on the Products -> Add Products. 

  1. More details:

Now the Product page has opened, you will find the details which you have to fill like: 

  • Product Title: It is the name that you will give to your product. You should give a professional and include valuable keywords for your title.
  • Description: It provides a large space where you can add your product’s benefits, features, specifications, in short, all the details to help your customers.
  • Type: This is a mandatory field that would classify your product. You have to use exact texts like for example, T-shirts, Bicycles.
  • Vendor: Here you have to credit the brand of your products, supplier, and manufacturer.


  1. Inventory and variations section: 

You have to enter the product details like: 

  • Price:  If you want to charge for a specific product, you can add the price here. 
  • SKU: It means the Stock Keeping Unit which is the identifier for your products in your store
  • Shipping Products: Here you can check or uncheck required shipping checkbox and charge taxes for shipping options. 
  • Weight: You can do a weight estimation for the shipping or freight cost of a particular product.


  1. Product Images: 

One of the main processes here is to add your product’s image. It will give an idea to the customer to buy it or not. 

Keep in mind that you should provide a relevant image of your product as the owner of the store. 

To add your Product Image, find the Images option then click on Choose File and upload it.


  1. Add tags and to collection: 

You will find an option of Collections, click on Add to Collections to select where you want your product to appear. 

Then below that, you will find the Tags options, click on that, and then add tags like size, color, etc. 


  1. Meta Description: 

One of the best things about Shopify is that you can automatically get the metadata and page title for you.  

Write an attractive meta description and title using valuable keywords.


  1. Save the Product: 

Make sure to check everything before saving the details of the product. You will find a Save Product option. Click on it.


  1. View your product: 

You will find a congratulations message on the top, after clicking on the Save Product. There you can find a link of “view on your website”, click on it to find your product there.

Now I hope you know how to add the products with just these easy steps. Be an entrepreneur by following the steps. It’s just the beginning.

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