How to do speed optimization for a shopify store?


If you think that Shopify stores are easy to manage then you are wrong! You have to know how to manage the Shopify store with knowledge and strategies. At first, the Shopify store looked so good and fresh with new themes, fast loading of pages, and new products were added for the display. 

But as the time passes, the speed of the site becomes slow. There are also many apps which you can use to enhance the features of your site. Adding extra features will certainly result in slowing down of speed. 

Here we can give you ideas through which you can increase the speed of your site without giving up the extra features. 


  1. Forgot to optimize the image?

° Keep in mind that creating a website or an online store is not a one time task. You have to maintain it from time to time.  There will be the images which you have uploaded previously. 

° Before uploading the images, you should optimize the images. There are so many free tools too which can help you. Like this way you can save a huge amount of data resulting in better speed of your store.


  1. Think about a Fast Theme

° A theme plays a big role in your store’s loading speed. So, your first priority before adding a theme would be to check the theme’s preview page through Google Pagespeed Insight. This can help you to know the complaints of the tool you are going to use.


  1. Check out the Installed Apps 

° It is a fact that many apps can be effective for your website. It gives many features to your store by including a custom javascript which increases the capacity and functionality. This includes, pop-ups, reviews,  media sharing, referral boxes, newsletter signups etc.

° Now you will be thinking how these Apps affect the speed optimization? The problem is that even if you don’t use the app, it loads the Javascript files. So, to improve your store’s performance it is better to uninstall these apps.


  1. Check the High-Resolution Images

° A lot of themes offer the content sliders. Its very popular. If you have high resolution images, then think whether you want that or not. You need to reduce the slides, because I don’t think no one watches your content slider. 


  1. Optimization- CSS and Javascript

° So, you need to optimize the app, if you are really not ready to remove it. It is necessary to do so. For that, in one single file, you need to merge all the stylesheets if you want to see the smooth running of your store. 


  1. Use of Device-Responsive Theme

 You can use the device-responsive themes, where your theme comes up with an accurate resolution for every type of device.

° For example, if any customer opens your store from a desktop and another customer opens from an iphone, then the image should automatically adjust with the size of the device. 


  1. Server Response Timing

Just imagine, if a customer opens your store site and it is still loading, then your customer will be so frustrated. Technically, your server response time should be less than 200ms. 

Final Words:

For a happy customer, you should sell great products and should also focus on your site. If it irritates the customer due to its poor speed optimization, then half of your hard work is just waste. Don’t forget that there are many other companies as competitors. So, it is necessary to think about the optimization.

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