How to make Shopify Theme Duplication?


Technology has made us learn many things.  But one important thing we have learnt through technology is to always save a copy of every file.  I don’t know about others but I have learned it through my experiences in life. 

If you are facing problems in your files, or to get things done, or you cannot find the files then using the Theme Duplication is the best.

At some point of time, we have accidently deleted some important documents. So, for a backup in that situation, you should better copy them first. Therefore, let’s know about Shopify Theme Duplication.

Steps for Shopify Theme Duplication

  1. Login to Shopify Store

° First of all, go to your Shopify account and login. From there go to the Sales Channel section then click on -> Online Store.

  1. Go to the Actions

° After clicking on the Online Store, it takes you to Themes category. You will find a box of Actions with an arrow pointing downwards. 

  1. Duplicate it

° When you click on the arrow you can see the Duplicate option. This option will create a copy of the theme which you have chosen. 

° You can find a notification which states that Duplicate theme copy of xyz (file name) created. If it fails, then there appears a note. But to create a duplicate theme you should ensure how many themes you have. The maximum number of themes is 20. So, you have to delete one to create a duplicate theme.

° In the Theme page, you can find the successful themes. To start making changes you can click on the name which will show as Copy Of (with the name of the theme). 

Duplicate Themes on Iphone

° Go to the Shopify and Login. Click on the Online Store.

° Click on the Manage Themes under the section of Themes. 

° You can find a button with a downward symbol named Actions. 

° When you click on it, you can find a option of Duplicate, if you want to create a copy your theme.

° A notification will appear confirming that you have created a copy.

If you want to create Duplicate Themes on Android, then you have to follow the same steps.


Final Words:

Now you know the details for How to create Shopify Theme Duplication for both smartphone and desktop. I hope these steps will prove to be easy for you.  Keep in mind that, if your file is not working or you have to start everything from first then having a copy of your files is the best option. So, anybody having the Shopify app should know how to do the duplication. It’s a must.

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