How to remove text powered by shopify from the footer?


Shopify is the largest e-commerce platform which deals with selling of products. It has helped many people to become a successful entrepreneur. It gives an outlook of a product, its features, product’s image. By just sitting inside your home you can buy the products of your favorite brand.

Those who have been involved with Shopify knows everything about it. And if you want to give a more professional look to your e-commerce site then you get an option of removing the default text that reads “powered by Shopify” in the footer.

For those who are in confusion, whether removing the footer is necessary or not, then read this.

See, it completely and totally depends on you whether to remove it or not. It’s a personal choice. The most important thing you will get through this text is the trust. 

As we all know Shopify is the most trusted platform for online selling of products. So, when you find any site where it is written “powered by Shopify”, it gives an immense trust to the customers as Shopify is the most trusted and popular eCommerce store. 

Steps to remove “powered by Shopify”

Step 1:

Go to the Shopify admin. Head to the Themes. You can find the drop down for Actions. Click on the Edit Code.

Step 2: 

You will find the next screen. Click on the Sections folder -> footer.liquid.

Step 3: 

When the code opens, select ctrl+f to find the search bar. Then type “powered”. 

Step 4: 

You can see the curly brackets like {{powered by …..}}. You can leave the rest of the code as it is. It will not affect anything. 

After deleting everything, click Save.

You can also find alternative method to remove “powered by Shopify”:

If you face any problem in the above mentioned steps then you can go for the second way of removing “powered by Shopify”.

Step 1:

In the above mentioned steps we have written about choosing Edit code. Here you have to choose Edit Languages under Actions.

Step 2: 

You will find a box next to Filter. On that, type “powered” to find the “powered by Shopify” in your footer.

You can see the default text which is greyed out. To remove this grey default text, you need to put a single space in that box. This will create a blank space in your footer area.

If you have removed it from here, then keep in mind you have to remove your footer from other sections as well.


Final words:

Both of the methods are effective. But we recommend the first as a smoother method. It’s always a personal choice either to remove the footer or not. But we believe that Shopify has many fans and is popular among the online shopping customers. So it is recommended that the footer will attract more customers. The name mentioned there is enough!

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