How to sell products on shopify stores without any stock and investment?


Some ambitions are bound by the financial restrictions. We may have big dreams but small amounts of money. But if you want to launch a free business then this for you. 


  1. A) 14 Days Challenge

Let me make clear the challenge here. You have to earn $65 in the next 14 days by launching your with just $0 in hand.

Every tool gives you a free offer of a 14 days trial. To continue and build the business, you can pay $65, after 14 days.

You have to keep in mind that your goal is to make sales. Look forward to generating as much as sales by launching your store.


  1. B) Choose the Product

When you choose a product you go for both of the options:

  1. By wasting your time in thinking about the idea of many perfect products but end up in picking the first one you thought of.
  2. Waste a lot of time and efforts with just little consideration. 


  1. C) Look out other stores

If you want to launch your product, you have to surely take the ideas from other stores. You can find best selling lists, promoted products, what they offer etc. Decide thoroughly what products you want to sell. Think twice. 


  1. D) Launch your Shopify Store

You have launched your eCommerce store with a $0 balance and earn $65 within 14 days. You just need a medium to sell your products. And that medium is your Shopify store.

  1. Select a name for your store.
  2. For a free account in shopify, you have to Register.
  3. Select the theme for your store.
  4. Select the logo for your store.
  5. Make ready your pages like – Terms & Conditions,  Contact Us, About Us, Shipping & Delivery etc.
  6. You must add a Payment Gateway.
  7. Add your shipping settings.
  8. Add your billing information.


  1. E) Find your suppliers instantly

Do recall your goal of at least having $65 in your pocket within 14 days. To kick-off your online business instantly, AliExpress dropshipping is the best one.

Ofcourse, we need something quickly as we only have 14 days with us. 


  1. F) Add extra features in your store

Now improve your store if you have free time. 

  1. Go for Free Trust Seals App to increase thr trust. To decrease the customer’s concerns, this app creates a security logos at the bottom of your page. 
  2. To have more traffic on your site, you need to add prices in multiple currencies. You know different countries, different currencies. 
  3. To interact with the customers you must add a FAQ page where they can answer for themselves. 
  4. You should think about sending a cart recovery email to your customer, if they have added it to the wish cart, and forgot about buying your product afterwards. 
  5. You need to add designing your product banners. And for cost cutting I am suggesting you to use the product images in designing your banner. To make a good looking banner, you need money and time.


  1. G) Get your first sale done

Now you have a fully functioning store made with your skills. And the first priority of you is to make $65 within 14 days. 


Final Words:  

Launching any business is not easy. It requires hard work, dedication, skills and most importantly capital. But in online business you can save a lot of money. Yes that’s true. You just have to maintain your store beautifully.

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