How to start making money quickly with the Shopify Store?

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Shopify is the answer to all the entrepreneurs who are ambitious to set up an online store to sell products and to make money.

If you think it hasn’t helped the entrepreneurs to grow, then you are wrong. Shopify has helped in:

  1. There are 10,00,000+ active users.
  2. Over 5,00,000 online storefronts and businesses.
  3. Through Shopify storefronts, sold a whopping $40B.

If you are also willing to start your own online business then you have to go through a 14 day free trial period.

Through these ways you can make money using Shopify:

  1. A) Your own ecommerce store:

Shopify is definitely an ecommerce platform where you can sell the products to any part of the world. Just sign up for Shopify and get started with a 14-day free trial.

  1. B) Become a Shopify affiliate:

Looking forward to making money? You can become a Shopify affiliate. You can easily earn upto $2000.

To become an affiliate on Shopify you have to:

  1. Applying and Promotion:

To become an affiliate you need to join the Shopify Affiliate program. And to join that you have to apply for it. 

You will be given a unique Shopify Affiliate link, once your application will be reviewed and approved.  You have to promote the use in various social media platforms like twitter, facebook, videos, sites, blogs and lot more.

  1. Just Earn!

Shopify helps to earn a lot of money. Yes! That’s true. Whether you are Shopify expert, App affiliate or App partner.

If you are able to refer to a new Shopify merchant, you can earn padi subscriptions – upto $598 for the first two months.


  1. C) Become a Shopify expert:

You can register as a Shopify Partner if you have a digital marketing agency, or an IT service.

There are experts for many categories like: 

° Online store design 

° Online store setup

° Marketing

° Photography

° Development 


  1. D) Become a Shopify App Partner:

You will be shocked to know that if you can come in the top app partners then you can make 1-2 Million USD each year with Shopify. Now think about that.

You can sell: 

° In Shopify App Store -> Product App

° In Shopify Theme Store -> Theme


  1. E) Sell an e-commerce theme:

As an e-commerce software, Shopify can help you to create an e-commerce theme and you can make upto 70% for each theme sale. Actually, you can earn upto USD 11,000 per year as a partner for the Shopify theme.


  1. F) Sell an app:

By using Shopify API you can build products so that store owners can use their existing online storefront. If you sell on the Shopify App Store, you can earn upto 80% for each product.


Final words. 

So these points will help those who are willing to make money through e-commerce stores. Keep in mind that it is never easy to make money. But with hardwork, one can surely achieve the goal.

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