How to start selling with Shopify Store?


How to start selling with Shopify Store?

In this advanced world, you will find a number of online stores. It has helped the world to grow. Just think about it! If you can get the things on your doorstep then why go outside for shopping? 

How many beginners don’t know how to sell the products through Shopify. Well, we have the full guide to solve all your queries. So let’s get started. 

  1. Create your own Shopify Account:  

We can mention Shopify as a platform where you can create discounts, add products, and process orders. 

You just have to Google Click on the sign-in. For the starters it is recommended to go for a free 14-day trial. 

This trial can help you to try out Shopify before investing some money.  After the trial period, the account will be automatically canceled. So you have to activate the purchase plan.

Keep in mind that your store name should not be a duplicate one, else it will show an error message. Add the important fields to proceed.


  1. You need a domain address:

If you don’t know what a domain is, then it is that URL which links to your website. Shopify will give you a primary domain that will take your customers to look for your store online. 

Your primary domain will show as a default one like for example; But if you are wishing to buy a new domain you can go to GoDaddy or Bluehost.  


  1. Time to select your Shopify Theme:

To attract the customers you have to make your store more attractive. So, choosing a highly functional theme is essential. 

You can either select a pre-designed theme or can customize your own theme. 

Make sure you need a great theme as well as a fully responsive Shopify store which can create a user friendly experience in desktop and mobile.


  1. Let’s add your products:

Now as you have created an attractive and good looking Shopify store, you have to focus on your main work like adding the products.

Compared with the other work, this task is the most time consuming one and requires your full attention.

To add your products go to your Shopify admin panel, click -> Products.  There you can find options like adding a product manually, or by importing products by CSV file or find the products to sell on Oberlo. 


  1. To expand and support your business; install the apps:

You know you can easily expand your business through Shopify apps. There are a lot of Shopify apps like for reporting, analytics, sales, marketing, inventory management.


  1. Optimizing and marketing techniques: 

This is the last process. Now your Shopify store is created. Just focus on your marketing and optimizing techniques. It helps in reaching out to more and more people.

For that you have to start building your email list, improve your product page, and advertise more on social media. 

Ready! Set! Go!

By all these steps you can sell your own product in Shopify. It is not as confusing as you think. You need to do more research before taking any step.

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