Top 10 2020 free Shopify plugin


If you have moved towards selling products through online marketing, then that’s a big achievement. Running an eCommerce store means there is the need of speed optimization, shipments, secure checkouts, email marketing.

Shopify is loaded with extra ordinary apps which enhances the look and features of your store. But if you don’t have the budget to buy apps then don’t worry then you can check out the free apps.

Here is the list if Top 10 free Shopify plugin of 2020

  1. Seguno

°  You can turn your customers as the regular ones by implementing online marketing with the help of Seguno. 

° It sends thank-you and welcome emails instantly using an automated system.  

Price Details:

Use for free up to 250 subscribers.


  1. Oberlo

It helps the user to find popular products online, allows a dropshipping service, and starts selling immediately. 

It ships the products directly from supplier to the buyer/customer without any problems. 

Price Details:

For your new eCommerce store, you can use the app for free. However, to get all important features you must purchase the premium plan starting at $29.90.


  1. Return Magic

See let me share a fact with you. No matter how your site looks good, how your products are effective, you will get the customers who will return your products. 

Return Magic offers refunds to the gift cards, exchanges and to the original payment method.

Price Details:

You can get a 30-day free trial. After that you will have to pay $10 for more features.


  1. Referral Candy

As the name says Referral means to reference this app to refer some of your friends. You could lose some nice sales if you will not take the advantage of the reference. 

Price Details:

Comes with a 30-day free trial. After that you have to pay $49 for the regular plans.


  1. PushOwl

This app is needed as a reminder for those customers who have considered buying any of your products and added them in the carts.  

Price Details: 

For up to 500 impressions, this app is for free. After that you have to pay $19 per month.


  1. Plug in SEO

This app helps in detecting all kinds of problems like – broken links, content, keywords, speed and other SEO problems.  

Price Details: 

Here, you will only get the SEO scanning feature for free. After that you have to pay $30 for a month.


  1. Smile

Through this app you can encourage more sales by designing a point referral. You can check the results and analyse the loyalty program. 

Price Details:

It is a free app but you have to pay a purchase premium to unlock more features. 


  1. Form Builder 

This app helps you in creating unique forms. When the customer comes to your Shopify store to make custom orders, or to drop any feedback, this easy to fill forms will help them.

Price Details: 

It offers a free plan, but requires $10 for pro plan.


  1. Printful

The name says it all. With just minimal investment, you can gift printed posters, mugs, t-shirts and other products and send it to your loved ones. This will be sent on your behalf.

Price Details: 

Install on a free basis, but you have to pay for every new order in your account.


  1. Kit

Searching for traffic for your store? Ha! Then, this is the plugin you have been searching for. In short use is for social marketing purposes.

Price Details:

A good news for you guys is that this Shopify app is for free!


Final Words:

The above mentioned apps are totally different to each other and are free of cost for the trial basis. But one thing is for sure that, these apps can enhance your site with the advanced features and also be responsible for a huge traffic in your site.

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