Top 10 Free Shopify plugin for sales & marketing?


You know how you can grow your business?? It’s through the Shopify plugins or the apps which you install to add to give the best features. Now you will think, if there are hundreds of Shopify plugins then, which one is better? 

Here, I am going to show you the best shopify plugins which helps you in increasing sales and gives benefits for your marketing strategy. 

What you can get from these apps?  Sale of your products,  promotion of your store, to handle your store’s shipping and inventory, to help you earn more money. And guess what, many of the plugins are free!

Best Shopify plugins for Sales and Marketing


  1. Oberlo:

Oberlo has proved to be the best supplier if you are in need of selling a product or looking for a small business idea. With Oberlo, you can import directly to search a marketplace of products into your Shopify store.


  1. Kit

After launching your Shopify Store, you need to attract traffic. Kit can assist you in email marketing campaigns, performance updates and to run Facebook ads.


  1. Product Reviews 

Want to add customer reviews? Then, you have chosen the right plugin. Through this app, your customers can give you feedback which directly encourages other customers to take a look around your store.


  1. Free Shipping Bar

Let me share a fact with you. You know 34% of customers only believe in purchasing online if they are provided with a free shipping facility. Through this plugin you can display your free shipping offers and many more.


  1. Order Printer

This is an incredible app. Through this one you can easily print receipts, labels, packing slips and invoices. On your printed materials you can customize the branding. 


  1. Printful

And this app is used for printing purposes. You don’t believe me? Let me explain to you. When you order products such as mugs, posters, t-shirts, your demand is automatically forwarded to Printful. Through this plugin you add prints on your products and can send to any of your loved ones on your behalf. 


  1. SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero

The name says it all. SEO. If you want to come among the top sites in the Google ranking, then this is the perfect app. It will give you all the details of your site like the performance of your store, analysis etc.


  1. Improved Contact Form

This plugin is all you need if you want to enhance the features of your Contact Us page. It gives unique features like pop-up contact form. This helps the users to contact you, even if they open any other page.


  1. Digital Downloads 

Looking for an app which can help you in selling digital products? This plugin automatically forwards the product updates and details, access to content quickly to the customers.


  1. Klaviyo

Get started to build the email list. This is a marketing automation software which connects from your Shopify store. Build your own target campaigns, automated email sequences. 


Final Words

There are hundreds of plugins which can help add more features for your store. These are free apps which can enhance the sale. You can find many apps like for time management, product upsell, email marketing etc. Find the best app that suits your store.

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