Top 10 most popular premium Shopify theme


Thinking about launching an online store? Then Shopify is the correct answer. This simple platform is blessed with dozens of incredible themes to give a gorgeous look to your website. 

I have got you top 10 paid Shopify themes which can do justice to your money.


  1. Fashionopolism

Fashionopolism has best animation effects and comes with its four unique styles like – 

° Secret Sale – Colorful look

° Empire – Trendy look

° Galleria – Professional look


  1. Blockshop

This theme is one of the best paid themes which has bright colors and brilliant typography and gives a natural home feeling. This theme includes four styles:

° Beauty – Pink background 

° Playhouse – Natural 

° Deli – Black & White

° Beat – Black background


  1. District

This theme best fits in the field of accessories and fashion. There are three styles which come under District. One of its style like Energy uses photo overlay gradients which are way more good. 


  1. ShowTime

This theme is among few themes which uses dozens of features and products. I mean, it really gives you a vibe of a full shop. For the shops like kitchen appliances, wall decor or to living room furniture, it is the best one.


  1. Retina 

If you ask me about a nontraditional theme then Retina is the best. Here,you can find four styles. 

° Montreal – Little different from Austin

° Austin – Individual page sections

° Melbourne – Most colorful & fun style

° Amsterdam – Gives the technology vibes


  1. Pipeline

Pipeline is the one theme which could be used as progressive design. To break up all content which uses background photographs, it uses broad full screen pages section.


  1. Canopy

Canopy’s layouts are so unique that you will feel excited to use this theme. To grab more attention to your site you can mix photos with text using the Kiln style. Don’t get confused by this layout as you may find it out of fashion, but its not.


  1. Flow

In my personal opinion this theme is clean, broad and crisp and can be used on a website. However, it has basically the same three styles. But its homepage is unique and is very effective for promoting banners and products. 


  1. Startup

As the name suggests it’s for startups who are product focused. This have four different styles like –

° Tech – For Home Appliances 

° Art – For designers, artisans, craftsmen and artists

° Home – For handmade products like ornaments or decorations 

° Cloth – Fir clothing and accessories 


  1. Responsive

Now don’t get confused with the responsive name. Those who are in the web designing field know very well what I’m talking about. This style, of course, is fully responsive, meaning you can use it on any device.  In this theme you can customize the homepage features areas and widgets from the backend.


Final Words

I hope the above mentioned paid themes will be quite helpful for you all. Investing some funds will never be a waste if you try out these paid themes. It may cost you a little, but at the end the result would be great too.

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