Top 5 free Shopify themes and how to install Shopify templates?


We all have heard of e-commerce platforms like Shopify which has helped a lot of entrepreneurs to sell their products online. Shopify has proven to be that place where buying and selling of products have to lead to profits in life. So for using Shopify, all you have to do is sign up for Shopify. After signing up you have to pay your monthly fee and just choose a Shopify theme for your design.

For the themes you can find free and paid themes. A free theme will cost you low and you will be able to create a beautiful, professional, and modern site. And the fun fact is you can save up to $500 to $ 10,000. 

So here is the list of Shopify free themes.


  1. Brooklyn Theme: 

There are two separate styles in the Brooklyn Shopify theme. The first one is Classic and the second one is Playful.  

The Classic one gives a modern look and Playful style gives an energetic look. Given as an example, the Classic look is great for a modern clothing store and the Playful look is great for children’s clothing stores as it includes bright colors.


  1. Narrative Shopify Theme:

Looking for different colors and multiple styles? Then Narrative is the whole option you need. If you have a small catalog then this is the best option you can choose. 

This is a nice solution for selling one or two products. It is best for visual storytelling.


  1. Annabelle Shopify Theme:

Through a third-party developer, you can free download, Annabelle. Here you can get an option to choose between full-width and overflow sliders.


  1. Minimal Shopify Theme: 

With the name, you can get an idea of the Minimal Shopify theme. It looks clean and simple. If you are looking for music, fashion, and vintage shops. 


  1. Boundless Shopify Theme:

In the Boundless theme, you can find styles like Vibrant and Black and White. For many industries, Black and White can give a conservative design.

If you are looking for installing or uploading theme/template then here are the steps:

Before installing the template you have to download the template file and unzip on your computer. 


Now the steps: 

  1. Open the Shopify app and login to your Shopify admin panel.
  2. On the left side, you can find the menu bar. Click on the Online Stores-> Themes -> Upload Theme.
  3. Now to upload the template click on the Upload Theme. In the choose file option,   upload the zip file from your computer.
  4. After uploading the theme you have to press the “publish Theme” button.
  5. After publishing the theme you have to click on the “Customize Theme” button.
  6. Now the theme is installed and you can preview the site.

Shopify made our business life easier. With these simple steps, you can easily add the theme, choose the free theme, and can learn to install the template without anyone’s help.

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