Top 5 Freelance sites for Shopify Experts?


Advanced technology has resulted in high growth of the economy. One of the reasons for this rise is the IT industry. IT has made a rise in the Freelancing industry as well. 

Through the freelancing sites, it is easy to work with foreign countries. If you are new to the freelancing world, then you may have confusion about which sites are the most popular ones.

As the IT industry is growing rapidly, freelancers have gained a lot of popularity. If you prove yourself here, you can create a lifetime of impressions over your clients.

Here is the list of the most popular freelancer sites like:


  1. Truelancer: 

If you have a startup company or just a new freelancer then this is the ideal site for you. In terms of competition and job, this is the most balanced marketplace. 

If you are looking for outsourcing the projects then it is also possible. This helps the freelancers economically. 

They charge 8% on the freelancer earnings. And the best part of Truelancer for the employers is that it doesn’t charge any service fee from them. How about that?


  1. Toptal:

This place is for those top developers who are looking for a freelancer career. Jobs are really good here without any competition. 

But if you are a client then, I will not advise you on this platform. If you are a rich customer, then you can invest here.


  1. UPWORK: 

Do you know how many people are using this site? 1.5 million people. Yes it is right. If you are a short term or long term freelancer. You can decide according to your need, or can be done as per project or on hourly basis. 

Anyone can find work through this platform as there is a vast availability of work. Funds can be safely transferred, from client to freelancer when the work is completed.


  1. PeoplePerHour:

PeoplePerHour works for SEO specialists, software engineers, marketers. For the starters you can send 15 proposals to the customers for free.

But after signing up for a paid plan, freelancers will be notified about the new openings at free costs and can browse jobs. For IT jobs like Web focused works, it is the best place.



You can find both contests as well as hourly working options in Freelancer. The users can apply over the chosen openings and can browse through the jobs that will match according to their skills and knowledge. 

You can show off all your talents and works as there are millions of jobs or projects waiting for you. Through your skills you can attract the best future clients.


Final Words:

With freelancing you can work from home or can bring projects for your company easily. There are millions of people who are either clients or searching for jobs. It’s best to try the best freelancing sites before taking any step. For all those people who don’t like to work in a company, then this is the right place for your guys.

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