What is Obrelo and how it works with Shopify?


Oberlo, founded in 2015 is a dropshipping app. Its function is to directly import the products to your Shopify store by exporting from Aliexpress. It quickly became famous due to its user-friendliness, powerful features and high optimization.


Features of Oberlo:

  1. Easy import from Aliexpress:
  • For this, first you have to add to the import list which you want to sell.
  • In your Shopify store you have to click on the publish the product.
  • Now start selling.
  1. To manage products:

You can import product lists, search the products, track orders here. All can be found in the clean and uncomplicated menu on the left corner. All the products are organized correctly.

  1. Auto-updates of Inventory and Prices:

You will never sell a product that is out of stock due to the automatic updates of inventory and prices. 

So coming to the main question, how does Oberlo work?

It is not a hidden fact that Oberlo only works with Shopify. If you already have a Shopify store then it’s cool but if not then go find the Shopify app and sign up.

If you are thinking how to sync your orders with Shopify, then don’t worry, Shopify immediately sync with Oberlo.

First you have to find the product you want to sell, then click on the Order Button to check orders in the Oberlo dashboard.

Oberlo will automatically open the following after clicking on the Order button:

  • automatically open the Aliexpress
  • shows customer’s purchase history
  • shipping details¬†
  • adding of the product in your cart
  • will create a single page, where you will only click the “Buy Button”.

Now the Oberlo automatically notifies the buyer and updates its status on your Shopify online store. With the shipping number it also allows the customer to track the order.

So Oberlo allows you to:

  1. Ship the orders to your customers by just few clicks.
  2. Import your products from Aliexpress to your online Shopify store.
  3. Product prices and update inventory.

Pricing of Oberlo:

For the beginners it offers a 30-day free trial. After that you will get 3 pricing plans like:

  • Starter:

The best thing about Starter is that it is free of charge. With this plan you can receive up to 50 orders per month and sell up to 500 products.

  • Basic:

Here you have to pay $29.90 as it is the fixed price. This allows you to receive 500 orders per month and to sell 10,000 products.

  • Pro:

In this Pro plan you have to pay $79.90 per month. This allows you to receive unlimited orders and you can sell up to 30,000 products. 


At the end, it is just simple to understand that you don’t need to spend hours to get products from Aliexpress manually. Oberlo offers automation. Why not use Oberlo? Right. It is worth using Oberlo if you are willing to start a dropshipping.

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