What is shopify dropshipping?


We all know Shopify is the largest e-commerce platform where entrepreneurs come into contact with each other for buying and selling of products.

But have you heard of it? Shopify dropping is a great option as you never need to take any inventory.  

What is Shopify’s dropshipping?

Are you looking for a business model where you can sell your products without carrying any inventory? Then this is what Shopify dropshipping does. 

We all know how online stores work. We order the products and then the product reaches our doorstep.  

To fuel your products offering you can use apps like Oberlo which can help you in adding the products from various suppliers to your shop.

Why should you choose to dropshipping on Shopify? 

Dropshipping on Shopify means you don’t have to worry about the excess inventories. To meet the requirements of your customers you will only have to order the necessary amount of products.

This involves purchasing or manufacturing of products from a wholesaler in bulk. You will know many reasons why Shopify dropshipping is simple.


How to use Dropship in Shopify?

  1. Just name it!

The first and foremost step here is to name your online store. So you should keep in mind to make it memorable, creative, and simple.

  1. Create your Shopify account

For creating your own dropshipping store you first need to have your own Shopify store. Go to the Shopify’s homepage and sign up.

  1. Optimize the settings

Now the main step here is to create your store policies and establish your shipping rates.

There you can find the Payment Information. So you have to add a payment option by going to Settings -> Payments. It is recommended to use the Paypal account here.

If you are launching a Shopify dropshipping store then you need necessary store policies. Go to Settings -> Check out. From there find the fields which are mentioned. Click on Generate.

When it comes to shipping rates we always recommend you to offer free shipping. It is the easiest option. It will be very confusing if you offer separate shipping rates.

  1. Launch it

After adding all the essential information, you will need to launch your dropshipping store. To launch it, go to the Shopify settings, click to Add sales channel.

  1. Design it

To make your e-commerce store more stylish, you have to design it. Don’t worry! Shopify has a variety of themes and has a built in theme store. Design your logo with the help of Oberlo’s free online Logo Maker. 

  1. With Oberlo App

Oberlo app is the best Shopify tool which adds products that you need to dropship.  Click on the import button of those products which you want to sell. 

After all these steps you just have to start selling your products. You can make a lot of money with the Shopify online store. You just need to understand the simple concept of Shopify dropshipping and how to use it. So let’s get started and generate revenue.

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