Which is better: Shopify or WordPress?


“I want to build an online store. What should I choose?” I know many people who have confusion. There was always confusion between Shopify and WordPress.

I can tell you the difference between WordPress and Shopify. For WordPress you have installed yourself as it is the stand-alone software whereas Shopify is an online service. Let’s see one by one difference between Shopify and WordPress. 

  • WordPress – 
  1. To install the default version WordPress, first you need to buy a web hosting and a domain.
  2. For your website you need to pick a theme, social media integration, and plugins for your SEO.
  3. WordPress is considered as the blogging platform. There are some plugins that are not there in WordPress like WooCommerce. 
  4. You need great content management features and can choose thousands of designs/themes to choose from (both free and paid). You need a good looking, unique, and modern theme for your website.
  5. For building a website, skills are required. You might need design or coding skills for the customization that you want to perform.
  6. Finally, there are other configuration details like the product, payment gateway integrations. It does take a lot of time. 

You can’t find any support in WordPress if you encounter any problem. 


  • Shopify –
  1. The best point about Shopify is that you don’t need any help from developers or designers. 
  2. No use of coding skills.
  3. You have to pay for it as it is a paid tool. It will be around $29 – $299 per month.
  4. Here, you can sell any product. Yes you heard it true.  From services goods to electronics to anything.
  5. You can use Shopify both offline and online.
  6. You can choose more than 100+ store designs (free and paid) in Shopify.
  7. You will have 24/7 support from the support team and can get a custom domain for free.


  • Still in confusion – WordPress v/s Shopify 

Sometimes after reading the whole paragraph we still don’t understand what to choose. So here, just a small answer for you.

  • You just have to install WooCommerce and launch an e-commerce store if you already have a WordPress website.
  • You can launch your ecommerce store in Shopify if you don’t have any website.


Our main motive should always be to save both money and time. So it is simple to understand that if you have a WordPress website then it is OK. It will be great to add an e-commerce component to your existing website as it will be cheaper and quicker.

But on the other hand, if you don’t have a website then it is better to launch an e-commerce store in Shopify. I hope you have got all the answers to your questions. In the end it all matters in your own choices.

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